The Complete Trader - by Mark Douglas & Paula T. Webb

Why would it be important to learn how to think like a professional trader? The simple answer is, if you can think like one, you can trade like one. The physical skills we need to do what we are supposed to do every time we get a valid signal, are about as simple and easy as they can be. Place the cursor in the appropriate spot in our trading platform and click the mouse or tap the keyboard! But what can make it so difficult to do this simple task? Fear. If you have experienced losing trades, then you would naturally have difficulties executing properly. However, if you believe and know that a certain percentage of your predictions might produce trades that "don't work" -then you can execute your trades in a flawless and emotionally risk-free state of mind.This book will teach you how to create and maintain your inner resources - meaning, your thoughts - to bring those thoughts into alignment with your trading objectives, goals and dreams.



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